Who you know may be worth a free iPad or iPad mini!

It should be no surprise that we have grown, over the past 16 years, due to the wonderful referrals our clients have shared with us. We are your Trusted IT Advisor and with that comes a great deal of responsibility. We understand that a referral reflects on, not only us, but the person that has shared this referral. Our promise is that we will respect this relationship and make sure we do everything in our power to bring the greatest of value. What does the perfect referral look like? Well, like your company of course! 20 to 500 employees and tired of technology causing more pain than fixing issues in the work place.

Please click on this link www.networkscr.com/free-ipad To fill out our form to refer someone. If it turns out we can help them, plan on seeing a new iPad or mini iPad!

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