Do you know Jack?

Jack monitoring and management (RMM) by Net Works Consulting is the preferred tool of today’s IT services professional to maintain their computer network. Designed and developed by system administrators with years of experience in the IT services industry, Jack RMM continues to evolve and innovate with each new release to deliver the features and updates our customers ask for and need to grow their businesses, increase their operational capabilities and improve their profits. With Jack monitoring and management you will learn how to harness the power of automated IT management.


  • One Click Installation
  • Scans hard drive looking for errors or potential failures
  • Executes performance maintenance after hours to speed your system up while you sleep
  • Real Time Monitoring of Memory, CPU, Harddrive and Backups
  • Maleware and Anti-Virus Protection built-in
  • Full Dynamic inventory of your entire network
  • Automatic update installations
  • Alerts go to client and NWCR

One Low Monthly Cost

  • $5/PC
  • $25/Server

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